Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You Dating A Mr. Right Now?

In a previous post, I discussed the phenomenon of women dating Mr. Right Now instead of waiting for Mr. Right.  But I realize that many women do not know the difference.  Although it is not an exact science and ALL of these may not apply, here is my take on the differences between the two men.

Mr. Right Now:

  • He does not want a relationship with you
  • Your friends and/or family question why you are with him
  • He mostly communicates with you through Facebook and text messages
  • You feel that you are with him out of necessity
  • He will not discuss the present or the future of your relationship
  • He would be Mr. Right if he would just change _____________ (fill in the blank)
  • You can not imagine being in a relationship with him
  • He can not tell you why he likes you or only refers to what you do for him
  • He has a couple of your relationship deal-breakers
  • You consistently question the validity of your relationship 
  • His mother/friends tell you that you are too good for him
  • He comments on how different you are from the women he usually dates
  • You do not feel good when you are with him
  • Things he says/does can change your mood or feelings about yourself
  • He does not respect your time and plans things last minute with you
  • You ask other people what they think about him 
  • You get an empty feeling when he is gone AND when he is there
  • Your behavior changes when you are with him
  • Your need to be loved outweighs your feelings toward him
Mr. Right:
  • You do not question his intentions toward you
  • You do not need others to approve of your relationship  
  • He can/will discuss a future with you
  • You are completely yourself around him
  • He does not go against your relationship deal-breakers
You can tell by the length of each list that the choice is pretty simple.  I am not suggesting that Mr. Right Now is a creep and Mr. Right is Prince Charming.  Sometimes situations, timing, and our level of self-awareness can make Mr. Right a Mr. Right Now or vice versa.  What I am suggesting is that a relationship with Mr. Right Now is a waste of your time.  He also keeps you from meeting Mr. Right or working on yourself so that you can meet Mr. Right.  

For those of you who would rather be with Mr. Right Now than be alone, I am sorry to have wasted your time.  For everyone else, I assure you that Mr. Right does exist and he is well worth the wait.      


  1. I needed to read this. It's amazing how easy it is to lose perspective.

  2. @L...well put. I am glad that this could help.