Thursday, June 17, 2010

Google Baby - HBO Documentary

For a cost much less than in the U.S., people can use a surrogate in India to carry their baby.  After eggs and/or sperm is bought online, then freeze dried and shipped to India, it is implanted into a surrogate who will carry the baby to term.  Once the baby is born, the couple or individual travels to India to "pick up" their baby.

Also, women in the U.S. are selling their eggs as a source of income or to pay for a new house or upgrades to their current home.

These options help many who struggle to conceive a child, but how far is too far?  Comments?

Father's Day Gift Ideas

In honor of father's day, I am posting some gift ideas for the dad in your life.  If you are married, dating, friends, or related to a dad, one of these options should work for you.

1.  Digital Video Converter
Since dads are usually take the photos and record family memory, get him this gadget that converts and stores DVR, VHS, DVD and live television data into one handy place.  

2.  Wireless TV Headphones
Why not get a gift for mom at the same time? Wireless headphones will allow dad to watch his favorite program while mom is napping.

3.  Kenmore Gas Grill
Let dad show off his cooking skills and entertain the neighborhood while giving mom a break from cooking with a new grill.  And at a great price! 

4.  Pima Cotton Polo
Keep dad cute and cool in the summer heat with a stylish and soft cotton tee.

5.  Logitech Universal Remote *I want one!
Rechargeable, USB connective, color touch screen...(whew!) this baby is amazing!  Wow dad with this gadget he will be brag about for weeks.  
Best Buy $199.99