Friday, May 28, 2010

Lie Detectors

The other day, I was listening to one of my favorite satellite radio stations when one of the co-hosts was talking about her fiancée and his bachelor party in Las Vegas.  Listeners were calling in, sending emails and posting on the channel’s Facebook page to tell her stories of what goes on there.  You know, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"...right?

After working herself into a complete and utter panic, once he returned she suggested that he take a lie detector test!?!  And she wanted him to take it live on the air!?!  But of course, he refused.  The other co-hosts were on opposites sides on this one.  The other female on the show agreed and said that she had no problem asking her husband take one.  The male on the show -whom I love BTW- stated that he would NEVER take one and would be offended if asked to do so.  

Despite the fact that lie detector tests have horrible reliability and validity, her insistence that he take one (and in such a public manner, no less) speaks volumes about her INSECURITIES and her INABILITY TO TRUST him.  Also, she said that she would take one also as she had nothing to hide.

IMHO, he should take this situation VERY seriously and think about the decision to marry her.  This is definitely a sign of things to come.



  1. My boyfriend just asked me for one as well. He cheated on me multiple times with his ex and got her pregnant. I dated someone after we broke up for a month he thinks because I dated someone else this means I had to be cheating on him. He has since cheated on me more and wants a test. I f someone can't take your word for something chances are they are not only insecure but have something to hide. I bet anything she will get him to take it but back out when it's her turn.

  2. So far on the radio program, he has not taken the test and she has not mentioned it again. But the topic does highlight more important issues. Trust is not the tricky concept that people make it out to be. You either have it or you don't, you are willing to gain it back or you aren't.

    Thanks for your comment and good luck in your relationship.