Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Sexual Behaviors May Not Keep You Safe

According to the Centers for Disease Control (2008):
     19 million STD cases each year, almost 50% are in people aged 15-24
     Chlamydia and gonorrhea are most commonly reported
     Syphilis (virtually absent 10 years ago) is on the rise
     Despite vaccine, human papillomavirus (HPV) rates increasing in those 18-59
Engaging in risky behaviors (i.e., improper use or no use of contraceptives, multiple sex partners) increases risk for contracting a STD.  Although, people who practice "safer" sex may be at an even greater risk as a result of their partners behavior.  Researchers report that partner sexual behavior is a bigger predictor of STD risk than individual behavior. 

Partner characteristics that increase STD risk:

  • Marijuana and alcohol use
  • Age difference of 5 years (older or younger)
  • History of jail/imprisonment
  • Other sexual partners in the past year
  • Having an STD in the past year

The more of the above characteristics, the higher risk for STDs.  Participants whose partners had all five were 3 times more likely to have an STD.  Overall, having an STD and age difference were the biggest predictors of STD risk.  

If you practice "safer" sex and are in a monogamous relationship, you may still be at risk, especially if your partner a) falls in the above categories & b) is dishonest about his/her behaviors.

Source: Partner Behavior and STD Risk

Nursery University

Navigating all of the things associated with education (cost, admission, recommendations, entrance exams) can be a nightmare for both parents and students.  It is a process that many prepare for well in advance...starting with preschool enrollment.  Choosing where to go, how much it costs, and how to get in are decisions that can be more difficult than admission into an ivy league university.

This documentary follows the process some parents encounter enrolling their children into exclusive and costly nursery schools.