Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Women Should NOT Tell Their Friends EVERYTHING

Female friendships are nourished by conversations about life experiences, both personal and impersonal.  Frustrations with work and family, questions about intimate relationships, even what to wear to an important event hinge upon discussions with our dear friends.  

But, it is possible to share too much information with a friend?

Boundaries must exist in all relationships, even those with our BFFs, for many reasons.  

Things you SHOULD NOT share with your girlfriends:

Private details about dating/marital relationships
Talking about intimate relationship issues (sex, partners finances, etc.) may lead to sticky situations. Some low self-esteem friends may try to hone in on your territory.  Others may offer ill-advised solutions. The bottom line is you should be talking to your partner and not your girlfriends.     

Decisions you may regret later
If unsure about breaking it off with a partner who your friends despise, keep it to yourself until you make a clear decision.  Girlfriends only want what is best for you and may find it hard not to say "I told you so"!  

Rumors about other friends
Besides creating drama, this sends the message that you are not to be trusted.  Your girlfriends will wonder if you are also gossiping about them to others.  

Trivial things that could harm the friendship
Some things are better left unsaid.  Although valued, your opinion should be given when requested.  Step in when your friend is doing something that will harm her or someone else.  Otherwise, wait to give honest feedback when asked.