Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Would You Let Your Teen Have Sex In Your Home?

Some parents insist that it is "safer" for teens to have sex at home rather than in the "unsafe" environments of cars, hotels, etc.  These parents are more comfortable when their teen(s) explore sexuality in a controlled environment where they as parents can intervene. 
On the contrary, many teens (namely girls) report this freedom may damper their ability to say no to sex and may even damage their reputations when peers realize the permissive nature of their parents.    

This topic brings about many questions on how to govern this behavior.  Are parents going to supply teens with mood music, candles, and contraceptives?  Do you notify the parents of other teens visiting your home?  Are there rules to govern appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior (i.e., certain days/times, vetting partners, etc)?  Are parents aware of age of consent laws in their state? Would underage drinking and recreational drug use also be acceptable if done at home?

I can't imagine how a teen can be comfortable having sex with parents in the next room or how a parent can be comfortable with someone having sex with their teen in the next room.

Have we gone too far in our society with the acceptance and encouragement of teenagers having sex?

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