Saturday, June 26, 2010

Opinions of Online Dating

General public:
31% know someone who has used a dating site
26% know someone who has gone on a date with someone from the internet
15% know someone in a long-term relationship with a person they met online

Online users:
66% think online dating is dangerous
57% think people lie about their marital status when online
1 in 10 internet users has gone to a dating website
44% of people think internet dating is a "good way to meet people"
64% think online dating sites allow people to meet a larger pool of potential dates

Source: Online Dating
Pew Internet and American Life Project

Other Online Dating Research:
56% view social networking sites the same as dating sites
71% feel there is a social stigma with online dating 
64% would not have a problem telling people they met their partner online
37% would use a site for a month or less & 22% for more than 6 months
58% say that pictures are the most important part of a dating profile

Is there still a stigma associated with online dating?  
Do you see it as a viable option for you to find a mate? 

Are You Kidding Me? Zaky Pillow

This post will require very little of my input since the product tagline says it all...

"Leave a hand with your child" 

Also, notice how the product is not displayed on the home page.  You have to click on the product to see it.
I can agree with use for peemies in hospital NICUs as they cannot get constant contact from loved ones.   Other than that, these things are pretty creepy.