Sunday, July 4, 2010

Male-Female Friendships

Friends of the opposite sex can bring a lot to our lives.  They give us a glimpse into how the "other half lives."  They can give us advice into how men or women are thinking and how we should respond in certain situations.

Common men in a woman's life:
The Guy We'd Never...
This guy is funny, intelligent and you feel totally comfortable around him.  He is like a brother and you do not see him in a romantic light whatsoever.  But could you...

Secret Love
There is something about this guy that is irresistible.  Although you value his friendship, you would say yes before he could even ask you for a date.

The "Will" to our "Grace"
Every contemporary diva needs a "Will" to balance her life.  This guy may fit the stereotypical image of a gay man or he may not.  Either way he brings a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the relationship that is refreshing!

Midnight Cowboy
An ex or someone you've never had a real relationship with for many reasons.  He does little more than fulfill, let's say, basic needs.  He's not exactly boyfriend material and you may deny talking to him, but...well, you know.

Common women in a man's life:

Any Day Now...
No matter how long you've known this girl, your main objective is to add her to your "list".  She is attractive, a bit of a challenge, and possibly unaware of your desires.  But if you get the green is on!

Midnight (or anytime) Cowgirl
When the bar is closing and you've had no luck, you call her.  Because no matter how late (or early) it is, she will pick up.  Or she is a girl who you hang out with from time to time, but doesn't know what type of "friend" she is.  

Childhood friend 
(the guy we'd never's friend)
This girl is absolutely amazing.  You have many things in common, you can tell her anything, and you actually enjoy spending time with her.  No wonder everyone thinks you guys should date...