Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Color Red and Attractiveness

Recent research suggests the color red can influence male perception of a female attractiveness.  Not only did male college students rate women in red as more attractive, they would also spend more money if on a date with her.

Read the article here: Red Means...Go

Dating An Ex

Are you thinking of getting back with your ex?  

When is it okay to give an ex another shot?  

Many have entertained this idea at least once in life.  Do I give them another chance or not? 
This decision is confusing as some chose to rekindle lost love while others decide a new partner is best.  Relationship experts are also split on this topic with some encouraging second chances and others forbidding them.  As the circumstances and players vary, it is difficult to say which choice will be best in all situations.  But, I am going out on a limb here and give concrete examples of when you should and should not date an ex.  
The relationship ended due to bad timing
Over our objections, life can move us in many different directions.  Job and educational opportunities, military service, and family emergencies can force us to leave a loved one behind.   If your relationship was interrupted due to circumstances beyond your control, consider giving it another shot.  Most likely in these situations, there were not any negative emotional consequences and your relationship with the ex is at least civil.  Reconnecting with this type of ex can also be fun and exciting!  It is like eating dessert first...you can skip the meal and head straight to good stuff.  

All other reasons for a break-up should bear a warning sign.  If your relationship ended because of commitment issues, infidelity, lack of communication, immaturity, outside interference, or other factors which should have been dealt with during the relationship...keep on moving!

Remember, an ex is an ex for a reason.