Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are You Kidding Me? Phone Apps That Help You Cheat

As if smart phones didn't make it easy enough to hide things, now creators of phone applications are making sneaky behavior much easier.  Many apps make it virtually (no pun intended) impossible for others to know what we are doing with our phones.  Some apps connect you to potential cheating partners, others hide your interactions with "secret" people and will destroy any incriminating evidence that may be left behind.  

Here are just a few of the most popular sneaky apps out there:

  • Messages and calls (of your choice) are hidden within secret folders on your phone
  • Only a special code can unlock the "secret" data
  • A dummy version keeps you looking like an angel
  • It can be closed quickly by gently shaking the phone
  • Set how long text messages remain in your phone
  • "Suspicious" messages are deleted from your phone, the receiver's phone AND the databases of both carriers
  • Messages CANNOT be forwarded or copied

The popular adultery website, who's catchphrase is "Life is short, have an affair" has released the mobile version that:
  • Eliminates the electronic trail found on computers
  • The application can be hidden on phone

Only the tip of the iceberg, these apps join many others being released on a steady basis.  But, what do these say about our views of infidelity?  These are definitely leading us further and further away from authentic relationships.


  1. The Authentic Relationship i like it good site in this mobile

  2. The concept of a relationship does not seem to have any relevance for a lot of people today. Especially when people you know have the options to bring a law suit against your spouse for hacking into YOUR WIFE'S accounts...why not just cheat the old fashion way a put a fake name in the phone...Better yet why not just leave the relationship. If you have to go through all of this it just seems like more stress..

  3. More stress indeed. If you are being unfaithful why have a permanent, searchable record of your infidelity? Leaving or being honest is less costly all around.

  4. Probably because the person is so caught up that they are not thinking clearly, and think that these apps are just that good. Any mediocre private eye could find out if there spouse is cheating. Yes it may be considered wrong how they find out (i.e. going through the person's phone), but then again maybe technology is just that good. Anyway who's going to actually site here and search through millions of hits on the WWW. If it meant that much to me I just might take that change of going through millions of hits

  5. I think most importantly people should realize that if they need to go searching for proof of a partners infidelity, then most likely they already know what they will find.