Friday, May 28, 2010

The Marriage Plan

Most major decisions in life require careful and detailed planning: buying a house or car, choosing a college to attend, going on vacation, etc.  Although, many fail to prepare for one of the biggest choices we make in life-getting married.  Watch the following video of Will and Jada Smith discussing their marriage plan.

Do you have a marriage plan?  Or for those of you not married, do you have a relationship plan?  If so, good for you.  Keep up the good work, follow your plan, and update it frequently.  For those without one, these questions/topics should help you and your spouse (or future spouse) create your own plan based on what you both want from the relationship.

This list is very short and is only a beginning to the conversation on how to tailor your own specific plan.  Take the time to discuss these topics (and more) with your partner and refer to it frequently.  It is expected that answers to these questions will change over time.  Continue to foster your friendship and update it as needed.

As always, give me feedback on your opinions and/or experiences with the marriage plan.

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