Monday, June 21, 2010

Women You Should NOT Date

Contemporary dating can be difficult process full of mistakes, regret, and uncertainty.  In order to be successful, it is necessary that men and women avoid wasting time on those who are just "not the right fit".  If you are interested in having an authentic relationship with a woman, then steer clear of the following: 

Static Cling
Fearing abandonment, static cling wants to force you to be with her.  She constantly seeks reassurance of your perception of her and needs you to determine her emotional state.  Be careful as this one is likely to increase your cell phone bill (constant texts & calls) and may not take no for an answer. 

Also called the bag lady, she has loads of unresolved issues that are never fully cleansed.  The actions of her previous boyfriends will become your responsibility.  Getting to know this woman is difficult, she is holding back because "you are just like all the rest".  

Soap Opera Diva
This woman thrives on the dramatic and everything is over-exaggerated and blown out of proportion.  She creates drama wherever she goes through her thoughts and actions.  Living on conflict, gossip, and tragedy this type of woman will most likely bring you down with the comedy of errors that is her life.

Lady Liberty
Contemporary women work hard, are independent, and able to support themselves financially.  They own houses and cars, have stock portfolios, sit on company name it, we do it all.  A woman who cares for herself is very desirable, but a woman who will also let you care for her is irresistible.

Miss Brand Name
Many women like nice things be it shoes, purses, home accessories, etc.  With advances in the workplace, they can afford to splurge on things that make them smile and you should too.  But women who come to you for everything designer, in-season, and custom made is a problem.  Besides, most real men don't want a woman who only wants them for their money.

Bad Girl
Men put women in two categories: good girl or bad girl.  You settle down with good girls and take them home to meet mom as they are "marriage material".  Bad girls give excitement, danger and fun for brief periods of time.  Therefore, there is no surprise when the bad girl breaks your heart, sleeps with your best friend, or makes for a lackluster partner.  On a side note, most good girls have just enough bad girl in them to keep your interest.    

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