Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Dating Tips for Ladies

After much anticipation, summer is here.  It's the time that some take much-needed vacations or have extra time to spend with kids who are out of school.  The weather is great and people venture outside to partake of barbecues, beaches, amusement parks, etc.  But this can also be a great time for single ladies to meet new dating prospects!  If you are up to adding a little spice to your summer dating, try these tips:

1.  Play a round of golf
Gather up a group of girlfriends and head to the golf course.  While most women are not too fond of this sport, the golf course can be a great place to meet men.  Also, it shows potential mates your willingness to participate in something they like.  If all else fails, you can always flirt with the cute golf pro or caddy!

2.  Go outside
Take advantage of the weather and spend more time outdoors.  Take a stroll around your neighborhood (or that of a friend), wash your car, or borrow a pet to walk from a friend.  The key is to be alert and friendly when a cute guy passes by.

3.  Jump in the game
When you see some guys shooting the basketball around or chasing pop flies, ask to join them (make sure there's no serious game going on).  Even if you have superior athletic ability, it is a good idea to ask them to teach you something.  Guys love to teach and will appreciate your effort.         

4.  Try a swim class  
If you do not know how to swim, it is a great time to learn.  If you do, it's  a great time to hone your skills or get more exercise.  Of course public pools will attract families and kids in the summer, but you can also find single guys getting a reprieve from the heat.  Besides, it gives you an opportunity to dust off and wear your cute swimsuits.      


5.  Take an all girls trip
One tried and true way to meet a guy is when you are hanging out with your girlfriends.  I know of countless women who met their mates while on vacation with friends.  You are more likely to be at ease and enjoy yourself, making you approachable and a magnet for guys. 

Last but not least comes a marvelous suggestion from someone I follow on Twitter
(find him here and here  He suggests that ladies should make it a goal to ask out 10 guys this summer.  Your chances are pretty good and you will probably get about 5 dates, because 1 in 2 guys are likely to say yes.

Keep me updated with your progress...


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