Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learn To Assert Your Personal Rights

Getting your life in order requires prioritizing and focusing on what matters.  To do so, you need to develop ability to put yourself first.  Not meant in a selfish manner, but putting yourself means that you make your needs and care a priority.  It is impossible to adequately help others without first helping yourself.  Although difficult for most, it is possible.  Use the following rights to establish your place on your priority list.  Keep a copy of these on the bathroom mirror, at the office, on the refrigerator door, in your gym locker...wherever you will refer to it frequently. 

I have the right to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF
I have a right to MY OWN PERSONAL SPACE and TIME
I have a right to have MY NEEDS and WANTS respected by others
I have a right to MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS based on my feelings and judgment
I have the right to MAKE MISTAKES and not be perfect
I have the right to BE UNIQUELY ME without feeling I’m not good enough
I have a right to all of MY FEELINGS, not just those feelings other people want me to feel
I have the right to EXPECT THINGS from others
I have the right NOT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHERS' behavior, actions, feelings or problems
I have the right to EXPECT HONESTY from others

Adapted from: "21st Century Bill of Rights for Mothers" by Susan Van Scoyoc

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