Saturday, June 19, 2010

Relations Between Adults and Their Parents

The relationships that adult children have with their parents are varied and depend on many factors.  These relationships can be filled with enjoyment, but also worry.  Parents continue to worry about their adult children as their adult children being to worry about them.
A recent study found that regardless of the age of their parents, adult children are most concerned with their aging parents health.  On the other hand, parents worry about many things:
-Balancing work and family 

The amount of worry expressed between adult children and their parents is related to relationship quality. Parents who worry the most about their adult children may experience negative relationships, especially if they discuss their concerns with children, in comparison to parents who worry a bit less.     

Demographics such as gender and race also influenced worrying.  Girls worry more about their mothers, while sons worry about both parents equally.  Also, Black families in the study had higher rates of worry than Whites.

The moral of the story is that parenting is a never-ending process and children remain a source of concern for parents.  As people are living longer, adult children split their focus on their own children and their aging parents.  Relationship quality as we age, will depend on how we address our concerns and how we receive concern from others.     

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